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Pastease Waterproof  Nipple Covers

Nipple Pasties By Pastease
Waterproof Nipple Covers
Pastease Nipple Pasties

Pastease Self-Adhesive Waterproof Nipple Stickers
Just Peel 'n' Stick
Pastease self-adhesive water proof nipple pasties in over 50 colour and style combinations.


Glitter Sparkles
Pastease Glitter Sparkle Nipple Pasties
Go Formal
Pastease nipple pasties also come in glitter - wide range of colours and shapes.


Nude Cover-Ups
Pastease Skin Tone Stick-On Nipple Covers And Nipple Cover-Ups
Skin Tone Cover-Ups
When it's time to be discreet we also have skin-tone nipple petals in several sizes and shapes.


Pastease Nipple Cover Refills
Re-Useable Too!
Each pack has 3 pairs of double-stick backing refills for the same waterproof, skin-safe stick.


G-String Micro Bikinis and Strapless Bikinis
The Complete Ensemble
Team up your pasties with either a g-string micro-bikini or a daring stick-on strapless bikini.


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Pastease Refills
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Sizing & Fitting Information


Pastease range in size from the pretty much "not there" 20mm Mini's to the quite modest 80mm Seashells, and a whole range of sizes in between.

On average the coverage area is 40mm to 55mm ensuring that the nipple and aureole are fully covered.

Ultimately the choice is up to you but our quality control guys reckon that the smaller diameter Pastease look better on smaller breasts (A-B cup) and the larger ones fit better on C-D cups. Of course, we're not sure how subjective they were being at the time, and whether they were actually paying attention to technical issues.

So you can see for yourself we have a downloadable size guide where you can cut out full-size outlines of our range and see how they go for fit.

Fitting Instructions

  • Make sure nipples and surrounding skin are clean, dry and free from oils and lotions
  • Do not apply to sunburnt or senstive skin, open cuts or skin with depigmentation issues
  • Peel off the backing, position and apply
  • Press lightly to ensure they are properly stuck on
  • You should expect up to 6-8 hours of wear

A few pointers:

  • It's often best to apply with the nipple erect first to avoid the possibility of the Pastease wrinkling later if the nipple does become erect.
  • Stick the lower portion of the adhesive on first and then lift slightly before sticking on the top half - be careful not to pull them out of shape.
  • Try not to touch the adhesive backing with your fingers.

A Bit Of Common Sense

The adhesive used on Pastease is a skin safe, latex free, hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive but minor contact irritation may occur after extended wear - just like leaving a band-aid on for too long. Obviously you also shouldn't apply them if you have sensitive skin, open cuts, depigmentation issues or sun-burned skin.

if you have any irritation after wearing, just to be on the safe side, you should discontinue use.

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