Pastease Self-Adhesive Nipple Pasties And Nipple Covers

Pastease Waterproof  Nipple Covers

Nipple Pasties By Pastease
Waterproof Nipple Covers
Pastease Nipple Pasties

Pastease Self-Adhesive Waterproof Nipple Stickers
Just Peel 'n' Stick
Pastease self-adhesive water proof nipple pasties in over 50 colour and style combinations.


Glitter Sparkles
Pastease Glitter Sparkle Nipple Pasties
Go Formal
Pastease nipple pasties also come in glitter - wide range of colours and shapes.


Nude Cover-Ups
Pastease Skin Tone Stick-On Nipple Covers And Nipple Cover-Ups
Skin Tone Cover-Ups
When it's time to be discreet we also have skin-tone nipple petals in several sizes and shapes.


Pastease Nipple Cover Refills
Re-Useable Too!
Each pack has 3 pairs of double-stick backing refills for the same waterproof, skin-safe stick.


G-String Micro Bikinis and Strapless Bikinis
The Complete Ensemble
Team up your pasties with either a g-string micro-bikini or a daring stick-on strapless bikini.


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Australian Flags
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Nude Cover-Ups
Pastease Refills
Strapless Bikini Bottoms
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Pastease Spray Tan Cover-Ups

Nipple Cover-ups Nipple Petals Nipple Petals Pastease Pack

Medium Spray Tan Cover-Ups

Cover up the "bits" you would sooner not have covered in spray-tan stuff while avoiding lines or outlines from wearing underwear or swimmers while having your spray tan applied - the next best thing to a full body naked spray-tan.

Our medium Spray Tan Pack includes a mini Pastease strapless bikini bottom and a pair of 50mm round nipple cover-ups, with 2 sets of refills for each to make the pack re-usable.

Skin tone microfibre felt with latex-free, medical-grade, waterproof adhesive backing that is 100% skin friendly.


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Size (Tops):
Size (Bottom):
75mm x 127mm
Pack Qty:
3 Pieces + 2 Sets Of Refills
In Stock

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