Pastease Self-Adhesive Nipple Pasties And Nipple Covers

Pastease Waterproof  Nipple Covers

Nipple Pasties By Pastease
Waterproof Nipple Covers
Pastease Nipple Pasties

Pastease Self-Adhesive Waterproof Nipple Stickers
Just Peel 'n' Stick
Pastease self-adhesive water proof nipple pasties in over 50 colour and style combinations.


Glitter Sparkles
Pastease Glitter Sparkle Nipple Pasties
Go Formal
Pastease nipple pasties also come in black, silver or blue glitter sparkle finishes.


Nude Cover-Ups
Pastease Skin Tone Stick-On Nipple Covers And Nipple Cover-Ups
Skin Tone Cover-Ups
When it's time to be discreet we also have skin-tone nipple petals in 3 styles and 2 skin tones.


Pastease Nipple Cover Refills
Re-Useable Too!
Each pack contains 3 pairs of double-stick backing refills for the same waterproof, skin-safe stick.


G-String Micro Bikinis and Strapless Bikinis
The Complete Ensemble
Team up your pasties with either a g-string micro-bikini or a daring stick-on strapless bikini.


The Pastease Range
Glitter Sparkles
Australian Flags
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Nude Cover-Ups
Pastease Refills
Strapless Bikini Bottoms
G-String Micro-Bikinis
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Australian Flag Collection

Make every day Australia Day with our Australian Flag themed tops and bottoms. Your choice of star-shaped Australian Flag Pastease, a daring 7.5cm x 12.7cm Australian Flag stick-on strapless bikini bottom, or a more conservative lined bikini bottom.

Australian Flag Star Pastease
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Mini Strapless Bikini Bottom
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Small Bikini Bottom (Size 8-10)
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Medium Bikini Bottom (Size 10-12)
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Large Bikini Bottom (Size 12-14)
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